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Dec 21, 2012 2:00pm EST
that the pentagon buys. again, all those programs like a fighter jet for the summary for the navy, that is on the table as well. >> military construction is the money the military spends to build bases and various other facilities. >> is that big money? >> it can be big money. those dollars are also on the table. >> what is not on the table? >> military retirement, the tensions that go to military men and women, the disability payments and things like that are not on the table. everything else in the budget is pretty much on the table. they can't close bases because of a law. the law says that they can't close the base, but they can downsize. it will require similar to what we had in the past, realignment. >> the last bullet point we're showing viewers, funding for the war in afghanistan is not on the table. >> it technically is, but the pentagon said they would move money if they had to. we will get everything we need. >> who makes the decision about what gets cut? >> it will probably give some and german -- interpretation. it might mean different things in different areas. in procurem
Dec 10, 2012 8:00pm EST
your background? caller: director of science and technology for the navy. you may remember me. it is a matter of management, selection of program managers. sequestration is probably a terrific opportunity. anyway, that is all i have to say. guest: the attack submarine, they have taken 2 million man hours out of the program. the cost has come down. the quality is superb. the man hours have been reduced, and they are doing it by allowing for appropriations. they fixed the design. when you put in reasonably simple controls on the process, you can reduce costs. i suspect you could do that for a lot of other programs. where we have had these multi- year programs, you can save money ship to ship or series to series. host: the caller says he remembers you. what were you doing at the time? guest: i was working as a contractor, supporting department of defense in a variety of capacities. host: caller on our independent line. go ahead. caller: after world war ii when they changed the name of the war department to defense department, that was a big mistake. all of the military activities we hav
Nov 30, 2012 10:30pm EST
arms. the ratio is totally out of work. we almost have an admiral for every ship in the navy. it is not a captain. it is an animal. all we have done is go through and look at areas where we could not necessarily save all the money, but we could transfer responsibilities that are not truly in the defense of the country out of the pentagon, and consolidate programs and save a significant amount of money. >> this weekend, talk with senator tom coburn about the fiscal cliff, the affordable care act, and the future of the republican party. the president has written several books and reports, including his latest, "the debt bomb." live sunday at the 12:00 noon eastern. >> no, we hear from a syrian opposition spokesman about the latest developments in the ongoing syrian civil war. the spokesman urged the international community to intervene, and calls for u.s. leadership, rather than just humanitarian aid. from johns hopkins, this is an hour and a half. >> thank you. thank you for everyone. thank you for the john hopkins university for organizing this event. let me start by sharing with yo
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3